Rototek Continues growth plan with acquisition

Posted by admin on 16th February, 2014

Rototek has recently continued it's growth through the acquisition of rotational moulding business, Imagenta Moulding.

The acquisition which took place in February will increase the total workforce to over 75, with additional jobs planned. It also provides the company with two large production centers, and adds three bi-axial machines to the five rock and roll machines and the Leonardo machine Rototek already operate at its Newark site.

It will also enable the company to enhance the service to the existing customers of both Rototek and Imagenta, both of which already have excellent reputations in the rotational moulding industry.  Together, they already manufacture a wide range of technical and high volume products, including sailing dinghies, hospital furniture, rainwater harvesting tanks and grit bins.

This move is an established part of Rototek's strategic business development plan, in that it provides significantly increased manufacturing capacity and flexibility, together with a second operating site.

Alongside this, the company is also continuing to invest in its existing Newark site, the future of which is supported by the growth of a wide range of contract-moulded products; the number of jobs at the Newark site has been growing steadily in recent months to meet business demand, and this trend is expected to continue. 

Wherever possible, Rototek is always looking at opportunities to work with OEMs and other plastic processing companies to develop new products for both the UK market and for export.

The combined expertise of Imagenta and Rototek and the open and innovative approach taken by the product development team makes the company an excellent choice for OEMs with new product ideas.


Imagenta Moulding

PRW Article

Rototek Design Collaboration features in Industry Magazine

Posted by admin on 07 May, 2013PRW

A succesful design collaboration between Rototek and Harrogate-based design consultancy Salem & Senior has featured heavily in this weeks focus on rotational moulding by industry magazine 'Plastics and Rubbers Weekly.

Rototek was chosen by Harrogate-based Salem & Senior to produce the bespoke product for Cleveland Srixon Golf. “We have developed lots of plastic products over the years,” said Paul Salem, a partner in Salem & Senior, "but not for rotational moulding. At first we were unsure whether the chosen design was acceptable as other moulders had advised that some of the key features weren't feasible.”

The design brief for the Fitting Cart was to display 30 heads and 40 shafts along with other custom fitting components in a mobile unit that would make the components easily accessible whilst keeping them dry and safe. Although the cart’s primary function was to be a mobile fitting solution, it was also of paramount importance for it to sit as an effective point of sale unit in the retail environment.

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The Lift Agency


Rototek spreading the word on Rotation Moulding

Posted by admin on 18 June, 2012

Rototek has been busy sharing advice and information on the rotational moulding process as well as promoting the benefits of rotomoulding to a worldwide audience at  the latest ARMA conference in Melbourne, Australia.

Rotomould 2012, held in May in Melbourne, Australia brought together 153 attendees arriving in Melbourne from Au­stralia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, Europe and Asia for a 2 day conference program of technical, safety, moulding and business presentations.

Martin Spencer, MD of Rototek and the ARMO representa­tive for BPF, hosted a day long workshop to over 70 delegates entitled 'Become a Better Rotomoulder'. Feedback was especially positive

as Martin shared advice and information on practical moulding issues with his peers. Martin also gave a main session presentation on the current ‘state of the art’ in Europe along with funding options for R&D in Europe.

Rototek continue to support the rotomoulding community through attending such workshops and look forward to attending and presenting at the upcoming ARMO Conference in Lyon, France in September 2012


The Association of Rotational Moulders Australasia Inc

ARMO 2012

Sustainable Design in Rotational Moulding - PDM Event 29-30 May 2012

Posted by admin on 07 June, 2012

PDM Event

The recent Plastics Design and Moulding (PDM) Exhibition and Summit at the Excel in London focused on best practice in plastics design, including award-winning design and innovation case studies and expert views on emerging market trends and future challenges.

An afternoon of the event was dedicated to rotational moulding and saw presentations and case studies from Industry experts surrounding many aspects of the process.

Stuart Wright, Product Development Manager of Rototek presented on the subject of Sustainability in Rotational Moulding demonstrating how careful consideration during the design process for rotomoulding can lead to reductions in waste, assembly time and part cost whilst also allowing products to be completely recyclable at the end of their useful life. 

Stuart has over 12 years experience in designing and developing parts for the rotational moulding process and has consulted on projects which have gone on to win numerous awards including 'Product of the year' at the Plastics Industry Awards and the Horner's Award.

Rototek is happy to design products in house but also often works alongside Design Consultancies in order to give input on the design for the rotomoulding process.

Please feel free to contact us for further information


PDM Event

Rototek products shortlisted for Plastics Industry Awards

Posted by admin on 07 October, 2011

Beliza pedestal for Rolec Services

Products produced by Rototek have once again been shortlisted in the finals of the Plastics Industry Awards.

The Baliza utilities pedestal, manufactured for Rolec Services has been designed by TRIG Creative for installation into prestigious marina environments to provide luxury yachts and leisure craft with a range of metered utilities including water, electricity, TV and broadband. The elegant sculpted form compliments the luxurious modern marina environment whilst its unique one piece rotationally moulded body offers total sealed separation of electricity and water supply zones which greatly improves safety. This innovative new approach to marina utilities supply has caused great commercial interest both in the UK and Worldwide marine market.

The Rototek team was approached by Trig Creative early in the production process because of our technical moulding experience and exceptional quality standards demonstrated in our Kayak product range. We were able to assist in finailising the design specification and overseeing the mould manufacture with Midas Pattern Company, Bedford.

This is the second year in succession that Rototek have had products shortlisted for the Plastics Industry Awards, and we hope to repeat the success of 2010 which saw us manufacturing the winning product!

This year’s winner will be announced in October.


Plastics Industry Awards 2011

Rolec Services

Trig Creative

Midas Pattern Company

Rototek Partnership Scoops two Industry Awards within a week!.

Posted by admin on 11 October, 2010

Award winning Bedside Locker

Kinneir Dufort’s e-Clean Hospital Bedside Cabinet developed alongside Rototek and designed for hospital equipment manufacturer Bristol Maid, has scooped two prestigious plastics design awards in a week! The innovative design was named as Industrial Product Design of the Year at the 2010 Plastics Industry Awards ceremony on 1st October 2010. Then, at the Mansion House in London on 7th October, Kinneir Dufort were presented with the Horners Award for Plastics Design and Innovation 2010. The Horners Award, established in 1947, and run jointly with the British Plastics Federation, is thought to be the oldest award for plastics design in the world.

The Bedside Cabinet design project was initiated when Kinneir Dufort, teamed up with hospital equipment manufacturer, Bristol Maid, were one of the teams selected by the Department of Health and the Design Council as part of the Design Bugs Out challenge in late 2008. The resultant design concept was reviewed by the Department of Health’s Expert Panel, and exhibited in prototype form at UK showcase hospitals during 2009. Refinement and development then took place with consultancy from Rototek to ensure suitability for the rotomoulding process, before the product was launched in May 2010.

Stuart Wright and Mark Bevis receive the Plastics Industry Award 2010

Commenting on the award, Kinneir Dufort’s Design Director, Craig Wightman notes: “We’re very proud of our work on the Bedside Cabinet. It’s not every project that offers the opportunity for design to save lives, but the Design Bugs Out project set out to achieve just that, by encouraging the design of new products aimed at reducing Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAIs). We looked at Bristol Maid’s product range and considered the bedside cabinet to be a product which would benefit from innovation and creative design thinking. Having carefully researched the needs of patients and hospital staff, we started to explore potential design solutions. Our design team identified rotational moulding as a process we could use to create a product with smooth continuous surfaces, which would be easy to keep clean, and would have no joint or crevices to harbour infections.”

As well as innovative, easy-to-clean features such as removable drawers, a backless cabinet design, reversible assembly for right and left handed applications, and no-touch electronic locks, the final design relies upon excellent tooling and moulding to deliver the product detail and surface quality required in this demanding application. Craig Wightman adds: “Great credit is due to rotational moulders, Rototek for their input to the design, and to Persico in Italy who produced the tooling. In addition, the Bristol Maid team’s efforts, in optimising the production process with Rototek has done justice to the design and has pushed the boundaries of what rotational moulding can achieve. We are delighted that the Bedside Cabinet has been recognised as winner of both the Plastics Industry, and Horners Awards”


Bristol Maid

Kinneir Dufort

Design Council - Design Bugs Out


Posted by admin on 30 March, 2010


In keeping with the continued growth of the Company, Rototek have recently completed the installation of the second of their large rock and roll machines capable of mouldings up to 7m in length and 3m in diameter.

The machines which dominate the new factory into which Rototek moved two years ago is exceeded in size by only one other machine in Europe, and that of less advanced design. Capable of turning out one piece dinghy hulls of seven metres in length, it was manufactured by Rotoline, a Brazilian company. with considerable input from the highly regarded Rototek team. The shuttle machine uses rock and roll movement and employs the Rototek process control software evolved by the company after initial work with the Rotolog programme at Queen’s Belfast.

The touch screen control gives a full picture of the temperature at key points in the mould’s four heating zones with the kind of sophisticated graphics and features normally associated with the injection moulding process. Full traceability is provided by the temperature history of each moulding based on readings taken by sensors within the mould.

The Rototek software ensures that each product is processed in optimum conditions regardless of ambient conditions. giving consistent products both in quality and allowing tight tolerances to be achieved. .A further benefit, also fitting in with Rototek’s philosophy. is that basing processing on temperature allows new polymers with smaller processing windows to be used with confidence.


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Client Testimonials

A first class Company and one which I look forward to placing further business with in the future

- Malcolm Gibbs - Dawmed International-

If we have an urgent requirement, Rototek will do all that they can to help us achieve it.

- Norman Buckett- Flambeau Europlast Ltd-

Reliable, great production and delivery of goods

- Patricia Adler - Pepper-mint-